Welcome to EdTech4AZ

Welcome to EdTech4AZ where I will share resources for K-12 educators. I am currently an Instructional Technology Consultant. I am also a member of ISTE, AzTEA,NSDC and CUE. I have presented at the AzTEA and MEGA conferences in Arizona and had the honor of co-presenting at the NSDC 2009 Summer Conference in Boston and FETC and CUE in 2010. I serve on the technology committee for the Isaac Elementary School District and was a member of the ADE Technology Standards Revision Committee in 2008-2009. I provide professional development opportunities for educators in technology integration, curriculum mapping, and JASON Science.

I had a long career as an elementary school teacher. I taught gifted students in grades K-8, and was a classroom teacher in 4th, 5th and 6th grades. I became interested in educational technology in the 80's when I had my first classroom computer. In the 90's I was fortunate to have a principal who was a visionary and embraced technology. I had the opportunity to participate in many professional development workshops about educational technology and became a technology mentor on my campus and served on the district technology committee. As a classroom teacher and now a Technology Trainer, I bring a wealth of experience, resources and support to anyone interested in integrating technology into the curriculum. I am a Master Teacher for the Intel ® Teach Program, a Thinkfinity field trainer, and a facilitator for the Puget Sound Peer Coaching program. I am also a National Lead Trainer for the JASON Project and facilitated online courses for PBS TeacherLine and Annenberg from 2000-2006.

Technology should be used in the classroom for the right reasons. It should make what we are doing in the classroom even more efficient or better than it could be done without it. It should engage students, promote life-long learning and 21st Century skills.

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