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During Session 8, you will:

  • Participate in a collaborative activity to write and publish an article for the Coaching Chronicles.
  • Inform the group of the benefits and pitfalls associated with participating in a selected online collaborative project.
  • Identify benefits of participating in an online, collaborative activity.
  • Identify resources that match the curriculum focus of staff and post them to their online Coaching Portfolios or wiki.
  • Write at least one new goal or refine an existing goal for collaborating teachers and yourselves.

Session Agenda

  • Welcome and Overview
  • Continue Creating the Coaching Chronicles Issue
  • Connecting to Classroom Practice-
Projects Students Can Join for the Connecting to Classroom Practice Activity

Link to more collaborative projects:

Team Recommendations of Collaborative Projects

Beauty and the Beasts:

Lisa, Susan, Stacy


Crazy cougars

Session 8- Coaching Chronicles- upload coaching chronicles here:

Battle Cats (Sabra, Andy, Laura, John)- How can technology be used to support social skills development within a K-8 community of learning?

Beauty and the Beasts (Alicia, Charles, Mike) - Raising Technology Expectations in the Classroom

Crazy Cougars (Jen Jerold)- Before and After: A study of how collaborative lessons can boost or enhance learning team collaboration

Lisa, Susan, Stacy- How has the use of technology increased student engagement?

No Names (Sabrina, Becky)- Developing Relationships to Foster Ongoing Collaboration

The Desert RATS (Dana, Faye, Beth, Courtney, Julee)- Creating a school based web page