A Buffet of Web 2.0 Tools- Sample and Share

June 15, 2010

1:30-3:30 PM


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Web 2.0 appetizer tools for:

  • communication

  • collaboration

  • presentation

More appetizer tools for:

  • Storage

  • Organization and Task Management

  • Photo and Slidesharing

  • Professional Networking

Link to Glog

TUHSD Web 2.0 Glog

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  1. Scan the list of Web 2.0 Appetizer Tools from the overview. Pick something you have never heard of, has an interesting description, or maybe it just has an interesting name. If none strike your fancy, then find another from the Web 2.0 Buffet. Just pick one, and explore and create something in 10-20 minutes.

  2. Give it a quick test run. Take mental note of how easy or not it was to figure out (a) what it does; (b) what it takes to use it, and (c) what limitations it might have for your own (or your students') use.

  3. Share what you found. Use the graphic organizer to share the following information with other participants.

    • The tool (and its URL) that you used.

    • Why you chose it.

    • Link to anything you constructed, created, performed with this tool.

    • What potential does it have for the subjects you teach and/ or are interested in or how it will help you professionally or personally

    • What might prevent you from using it.

Just like a buffet, some tools you discover are truly great, others may just be ordinary tools that don't add value to your teaching, personal needs or interests.


Nancy Gilloon- Gaggle Net

Merlevic Tamondong- Zoomshare

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