Digital Storytelling is an excellent addition to any content area. It's a great tool for improving reading and writing skills and can be used with all learners.

Here are some resources to consider when creating digital stories. (Please feel free to add any that you think are worthwhile.)

Free Images:
These resources are for teachers to build their own digital media kits based on subject area and grade level from the Orange County Department of Education. They are tied to California standards but could be easily correlated to many Arizona standards.
Copyright-friendly images for students and teachers to use in multimedia projects. This resource is brought to you by our friends at Tech4Learning.
images from Discovery Streaming via IDEAL
American Memory, Library of Congress: collection of various types of media and documents
List of Image sites

Digital Storytelling Examples:
University of Houston
Center for digital storytelling

Other resources:
Hall has materials from presentations, downloads and links to great sites to assist educators in creating fantastic multimedia projects.

Laura Sheehy's list of digital storytelling websites.