Wikispaces for Teachers

Great wikispace site for teachers who want to get started using wikispaces. This site explains how K-12 teachers can get access to all of the wikispace features for FREE including accounts for students and no advertising. There are "getting started" handouts and PowerPoint presentations that can be used to introduce wikispaces to teachers. Click on the wikispaces image below to find out more about it and to see video tutorials and a growing collection of examples of teacher wikispaces.

Do I qualify for the free Plus spaces for K-12 education offer?

The offer applies to any space that is used exclusively for K-12 educational use. K-12 means kindergarten through secondary school. It is available worldwide to teachers, students, and other educators. This offer is not available to universities and higher education. Our regular pricing is designed so that our service is accessible to higher education and non-profits as well as individuals and companies.

I am already using Wikispaces and am a K-12 teacher. Can I take advantage of the free Plus space offer?

Sure. Go to your space, click on `Manage Space' then `Subscription'. At the bottom of the page, you can request a complimentary upgrade to our Plus plan. Certify that your space will be used exclusively for K-12 (primary and secondary) education, and we will notify you when we process your request.
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Here's another fantastic website your teachers and students could use to create wikis: This is the link for information about using Wetpaint in education.

Why Wetpaint?

  • Wetpaint wikis are free and easy to use — no IT help required
  • Wetpaint site templates make starting and building wikis so easy
  • Wetpaint technology gives you the power to control who sees and contributes to your wiki

===View this video by Lee LeFever and CommonCraft that explains how easy it is to create a wikispace with Wetpaint. ----
October 10, 2007 Here's a fantastic wiki page created by Vicki Davis (CoolCatTeacher) for the K12online conference. It provides a wonderful summary of all of the different things you can do on a wiki space with links to examples and instructions. Samples of Things That Can Be Added to a Wiki